About us!

Hey! My name is Perrie, the face behind Tainted Rainbow. I started it in 2016, with help from my amazing mum! I've always been a party and festival girl and now I get to help people dress for them! Originally me and my mum were hand making everything, but to keep up with demand and standard I decided to venture to Asia in hope of finding some dress makers to help me. It wasn't easy, but I eventually found some in Thailand. It is a family run tailors, they work in their own little shop and they name their prices!  I only have a very small quantity made of each design so as to avoid falling into the fast fashion race. I aim to be as transparent and sustainable as I can possibly be!  Tainted Rainbow is inspired by the love and passion of being able to express ourselves through creative style and unique individualism! We want to break through the barriers of conformity when it comes to fashion. If you like it, wear it! 
Expect to find bright, bold, sparkly, out of the ordinary pieces.