Meet The Team!

Each week we will deliver a new blog post for you guys about anything and everything, it all depends on the mood that week :)

Today we will introduce you to some of the Tainted Rainbow team, our creative driving force behind the brand & founder of Tainted Rainbow, Perrie! 

Perrie started the Tainted Rainbow venture back in 2017, a huge festy lover already and obsessed with all the sparkly, out of the ordinary festy fashion, the birth of Tainted Rainbow was the natural order :)

Read on to find out more about our sequin queen boss babe!

So Perrie tell us a little bit about yourself, where did you come from.....where did you go?!

Hi! I'm a Yorkshire lass, from the (not so) sunny town of Huddersfield! At about 19 I flew the nest, firstly to Ibiza! It was my first love, I ended up working 4 seasons there from the year 2006! Loved it! And then after that I ventured all the way to Oz, ended up there for about 4 years in between travelling all around Asia and America, bouncing from festival to festival! 

Wow! What a life! Sounds amazing, so is this where you got the inspiration for the business?

Yep definitely, I think my first real taste for it was from my first trip to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada back in 2014. I was blown away by the styles and costumes I saw there, absolutely out of this World!

Burning Man sounds unreeeeal! What other festivals have you attended?!

Ooh so I've been to the one and only Glastonbury back in 2011, unfortunately not since but i´m dyingggg to go back again! Also Secret Garden Party (RIP), Gottwood Festival, Houghton Festival, Sunwaves Fest in Romania, Sonar Fest in Barcelona & Timewarp Fest in Frankfurt. I'm a HUGE house and techno fan so I pretty much follow that sound :) And I've been back to the Burning Man a few times too!

All sounds fantastic! How has this year been for you as a business in regard to Covid-19?

I won't beat around the bush, its been absolutely crap. We released our first full collection this summer, it was supposed to be "our" year, haha, but obviously the festivals were all cancelled. So no, business hasn't been great, but I´m trying to stay positive and hope that we see some events come to fruition next summer!

Being positive is all we can all do right now. So lastly, tell us 3 facts about yourself & one thing you would like to say to our audience?!

I hate mustard.

I LOVE hummus.

I´m very grumpy if I don't get enough sleep :)

And I would like to say to everyone, support small businesses this Christmas pretty please :)

Thankyou Perrie! Keep an eye on our blog posts to meet more of the Tainted Rainbow team in the coming weeks! 

Have a WONDERFUL week xxxx